Thursday, June 5, 2014

Annoying Person

Feeling annoyed....

Do not know whether i should post this or not but i can't stop thinking about those thing.As long as i'm not expressing it, it won't stop bothering me.  I need someone to share what have been playing around my head but I have nobody to share with.

"Bila nak beranak lagi?"
"Tak nak mengandung ke?"
"Harap ko akan mengandung tahun ni"

Feeling so annoying when someone keep asking you about pregnancy. It makes me sick.. Why people's always like to asking sensitive questions? Why people's always want somebody to satisfied them?

All people around me, keep asking the same question.. Friends, colleague, even family also keep asking the same question.. Why don't they just shut up and just wait and see. Knowing that i have to face that question almost every day, make me really sick and i started to hate those question.

I always remind myself not to ask those sensitive questions to others even though my close friends...because if i don't like it, other people also won't like it. That's the reason why i never asking my friends about when they are going to married..when they are going to have's not that i don't care about them but i don't want to hurt them or make them feel annoying towards me.

I have my own plan, my mission, and ambitions.. i know what i am doing and i won't regret it.. Allah the Almighty.. Allah knows every single things that will happen to my life. For now - in this 4 years, i only want to focus on my study, and what i already have husband and my super cute son...Thanks to hubby for being so understanding and for not asking me to "beranak lagi". huhuhuhu..

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